Facius + Schober is more than the sum of its parts

Facius + Schober is one of Europe's leading manufacturer and supplier of metal precision seals for the automotive industry and trade. Our global customers rely on our engineering excellence, Quality, safety and reliability for over 93 years.

  • own production exclusively in Germany
  • processing of metallic materials
  • However, other materials and material combinations
  • required tools are developed, designed and manufactured
  • custom manufacturing, exclusive right to Tools
  • almost unlimited technology and production facilities
  • punching, stamping and forming processes
  • machining of workpieces by turning, milling, grinding, wire EDM
  • fully automated series production
  • semi-automated processes, one-off production of special components
  • thermal treatment (glow) of workpieces to structural change
  • various ways of coating (z. B. to improve the sealing properties)