Code of Conduct

"We always set a good example."

"We always set a good example."

In the Code of Conduct, Facius + Schober GmbH describes the rules of conduct and ethical principles that form the basis of all business activities of Facius + Schober and its employees.


Responsible and ethical behavior within the company, but also towards business partners, society and the environment are an integral part of Facius + Schober's value system. We expect our business partners to comply with the laws and the guidelines set out here. Facius + Schober attaches great importance to communicating clarity not only about the company's objectives and strategies, but also about its values. In the course of social developments, values and standards are now being emphasized more explicitly and applied more strictly.



Compliance with the law in our business activities is a matter of course. Our business partners can rely on our compliance with the law and we also expect our customers, suppliers and business partners to comply with the law in their business practices.


The current PDF version of the Code of Conduct and the version for suppliers can be found in the Download Center >>>